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Uber reportedly suspend London driver for allegedly telling customers that he doesn't take Jewis

Uber London has reportedly suspended a driver after two men claimed he cancelled a journey, after saying “I don’t take Jews" the Jewish News reported. The incident allegedly happened on Wembley High Road, when the two men ordered an Uber to drive them back to their office on Monday afternoon.

The driver allegedly said to the men, one of whom was wearing a kippah , "I don't take Jews" before speeding off and cancelling the trip.

The alleged incident was reported to Uber who informed the Met police. The ride-hailing giants said the driver's behaviour was unacceptable and that he had been suspended from working on the app.

Uber have offered their support to the customer who has said he has been in touch with his solicitors and hopes to receive some sort of compensation.

Image: Source; Flickr

Additional creditation; Quotecatalog

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