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Taxi drivers are having to cut journeys into dangerous location short leaving passengers stranded be

Peter Nilsson, chair of the Hackney Carriage Association has ordered a complete ban on his drivers going to Orchard Park for safety reasons after another attack by teenagers on the north Hull estate. Mr Nilsson said one of his drivers had his taxi window smashed by teenagers who threw a brick at it on Hall Road at 4.30pm on Saturday, April 20.

He initially issued a warning to all drivers entering the troubled estate to show caution, but following this latest attack he felt he was left no choice but to order a complete ban on driving into the area.

A woman has now said she was left feeling vulnerable after being dropped off half a mile from her location due to the advised ban on drivers entering the estate. Taxi passenger Rebecca Garner said she was left 'scared and alone' after the taxi driver she hailed dropped her off before entering the estate just after midnight on Saturday. She says the driver was at first willing to take her home to Orchard Park but half way through the journey he told her he could not go any further because he was "banned" as it is too dangerous for drivers.

She said that she felt very vulnerable after a night out drinking but didn't want to kick up a fuss when she was told that she was going to be dropped at the estate's perimeter.

Mr Nilsson has apologised to Rebecca through Hull Live and is urging drivers to "assess each situation individually".

Image: Cladshaw, Orchard Park Estate, Hull

Image: Source; Wikimedia Commons

Image: Author; Ian S

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