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London Mayor refuses to guarantee cabbies won’t be banned from more roads in the future

The London Mayor refused to issue a guarantee to cabbies that they won’t be banned from more roads in the future at City Hall yesterday. 

Sadiq Khan was grilled at the monthly Mayors Question Time held in the chambers of City Hall.

Assembly Member David Kurten asked the London Mayor whether he could assure cabbies that no further roads in the capital would have access restrictions placed on them.

The Mayor could not give the industry any guarantees that future initiatives like the restrictions placed on cabbies in Tottenham Court Road would not be implemented elsewhere. 

In a Tweet after the Mayor’s Question Time, Assembly Member Kurten wrote: “London's taxis are world class & all are wheelchair accessible. 57,000 Taxi Card users - many with restricted mobility - rely on taxis, but road access is being restricted.”

You can watch Mayor Sadiq Khan in the clip below respond to Mr Kurten’s questions.

Image: YouTube

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