Three students have lucky escape after Uber crashes into bus on M32

Three students have had a lucky escape after the Uber that they were travelling in collided with a bus on the M32 in Bristol.

The three, all musicians studying at the BIMM Bristol institute, were returning from band practice when the Uber vehicle struck the front corner of the bus as it travelled along the bus lane.  

A police investigation is currently underway, with the Uber passengers claiming that the driver pulled onto the bus lane into the path of the bus. 

It was reported by Bristol Live that the Uber driver’s vehicle was spun around on impact, and in turn smashed into another vehicle in the second lane of the motorway. The force of the second collision forced the Uber vehicle back into the path of the bus, which struck it a second time.

The crash, which happened on 18 May at approximately 2pm caused huge tailbacks in the area as traffic attempted to filter past the incident.

Incredibly the three students, Lucy Gibbs, Dane Shiel and Eddie Peers, escaped from the crash without serious injury. All of the bus passengers also escaped injury.

Dane Shiel said: "I was looking down, looking out of the window and I remember looking out because I was thinking ‘what’s he doing going into the bus lane?’”

He added: "The car began to move across and we were going at a decent speed anyway, so I didn’t understand why he needed to do that."

He then explained how the bus hit the Uber driver’s door which caused all of the glass in the vehicle to shatter instantly.

To add insult to injury, the students then discovered that not only had they been charged for the Uber ride, but they had been overcharged. 

Lucy Gibbs said: "The ride was due to cost £6, but obviously we didn’t make it. The driver cancelled the ride, but by the time he did, the cost was more than £10. If I’d have cancelled it, it would have been £4.50, but I don’t think we should pay anything. I want a refund."

Image Source Flickr

Image Author: Elliott Brown