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RMT union call on taxi drivers to write to their MP to push through a new statutory definition of pl

The national union Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) workers are asking all taxi drivers to write to their MP to ask them to sign the Early Day Motion 2456. They said Taxis play a vital role in providing safe and secure publicly hired transport to a high standard.

They state that this is being undermined by less regulated Privately Hired Vehicles (PHVs), not licensed to ply for hire. 

They believe the problem is exacerbated by the fact that legislation covering taxis and PHVs is outdated, has not kept pace with technology and has led to poor regulation of taxi and private hire apps. This has enabled PHVs to make themselves available for hire in ways which may have previously been considered unlawful. The Government-appointed Task and Finish Group has stated that as the law stands, such plying for hire by PHVs is difficult to prove, requires significant enforcement resources and that technological advancement has blurred the distinction between taxi and PHV Licensing. The Taskforce's recommendation is that the law needs to be modernised with a new statutory definition of plying for hire. The RMT are asking drivers to write to their MP and call on them to lobby the Government to bring forward legislative proposals at the earliest opportunity, to provide for the fullest possible public confidence in a safe and viable Hackney Carriage licensing regime. 

Image:Source(remixed); LEVC/RMT

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