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Scaffolding pole thrown from rooftop car park came within inches of killing taxi driver

Gloucestershire Police are investigating claims that a scaffolding pole, which smashed onto the windscreen of a taxi, was thrown by someone from the top of a shopping centre car park.

The incident took place at Merrywalks Shopping Centre on Saturday 1 September.

The taxi was so badly damaged it was reportedly declared a write-off. As first reported on Gloucestershire Live, a witness said: "The taxi driver was very shook up. "The driver was inches away from being killed - his car is a write off. This was the second car it happened to on Saturday." A spokesperson for Gloucestershire police said: "Police were called to Merrywalks Shopping Centre in Stroud at 12.40am on Sunday (September 1) following reports of criminal damage. 

"It has been reported that scaffolding poles were thrown from the roof of the car park causing damage to two cars that were parked on Rowcroft Retreat. "Enquiries are ongoing at this time." 

Image: Source; Twitter

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