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27 private hire drivers in Staffordshire to receive 3 points for contravening a pedestrian crossing

Twenty seven private hire drivers have been caught illegally parking, contravening a pedestrian crossing in Staffordshire.

It is an offence to park on or near a pedestrian crossing which has zig-zag markings and comes with a punishment in the way of a fine and 3 points issued to the driver's licence.

Staffordshire Police highlighted the offences via their Twitter account and even confirmed one driver committed the offence on four separate occasions.

3 points issued for each offence could see the driver not only facing a fine, but also a driving ban.

Stafford Police (@PoliceStafford) wrote: "27 private hire drivers are about to receive legal forms through the post for contravening a pedestrian crossing in Stone. Each offence carries 3 points and a fine. 1 driver did it 4 times. This puts pedestrians at risk. It's not acceptable and won't be tolerated."

Image credit: Pixabay


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