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3 illegally adapted bicycles capable of 30mph seized by police during South London safety checks

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Image credit : Twitter @MetCycleCops

The Metropolitan Police's Cycle Safety Team have seized 3 illegally adapted bicycles and an illegal e-scooter in London during roadside safety checks.

A spokesperson for the force said that one of the bicycles, which had been adapted to become mechanically propelled vehicles, was capable of reaching speeds of 30mph.

The checks took place on South London's Clapham High Street during the morning period.

A spokesperson confirmed that several other offences were also dealt with.

Using their official Twitter account to highlight the offences, a spokesperson for the Cycle Safety Team said: "PCs Brian and Mark seized 3 illegally adapted pedal cycles to mechanically propelled vehicles (moped) and an e-scooter on Clapham High Street, Lambeth, this morning.

"One capable of 30mph. Several other offences also dealt with."

Twitter users took to social media to comment on the post's feed, with one saying: "Almost every electric bike I see in London has been illegally modified to provide power without pedalling.

"You might want to speak to Deliveroo as their corporate practices seem to encourage this, and will not stop until someone dies/they are sued."

A spokesperson for the police also added that a number of motorcyclists were reported for contravening Cycle Superhighway 7 by using it to undertake vehicles to get to the front of traffic lights.

The force said: "Several motorcycles were reported for contravening the CS7 cycle lane on Clapham High Street.

"Cycle lane is in place to allow separation between cyclists and motor vehicles. It is not there as an undertaking lane for motorcycles to get to the front at traffic lights."


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