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3 pedicab riders fined £1,273 in London as crackdown continues

Three pedicab riders have been fined a total of £1,273 in London as a police crackdown continues in the capital.

Although details of the offences are yet to be published, the fines show that the illegal use of pedicabs and any offences associated with the pedal vehicles are being clamped down by local enforcement teams.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police's Soho Team also confirmed that there are still a number of hearings to come in the near future which could result in even more fines.

There has been a recent push to see pedicabs regulated in the same way licensed taxis and private hire vehicles are, in an attempt to make them a safe and more responsible mode of transport for the public.

Boris Johnson even recently supported the proposal to have new regulations for pedicabs pass law, saying: “When I was Mayor of London I always yearned to be in a position to put that through Parliament, and now I am. I am very grateful to my hon. Friend and we will ensure we give parliamentary time to make it possible. It will be a boon for cyclists and a boon for taxi drivers, and it is high time we did it.”

Boris was referring to a Bill which is being pushed by Conservative MP for Cities of London and Westminster, Nickie Aikens. Issues raised surrounding the current status of pedicabs include excessive loud music played from the vehicle, lack of insurance to carry paying passengers and extortionate prices and attempts of fraud towards passengers.


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