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3 taxis suspended during ROAD SAFETY operation in Newport which saw 53 cabs undergo checks

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Image credit : Gwent Police

More than 50 taxis were stopped and checked for any breaches in their licences by officers in a road safety operation with Newport City Council, Gwent Police have said.

This operation was designed to identify and tackle taxi drivers putting other motorists and passengers at risk.

The road safety operation took place on Queensway, and 53 taxis were stopped by officers.

During the operation, 3 taxis were suspended from operating and reported for offences such as failing to meet the safety standards expected.

PC Miles Anderson said: “This operation aims to tackle irresponsible taxi drivers who endanger others by not adhering to road safety regulations.

“I would like to thank Newport City Council for their support on this operation, to support us to make the roads in our communities as safe as possible.”


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