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Any changes to TfL’s taxi card payment mandate may need public consultation warns Mayor of London

Any changes to the London taxi card payment mandate may need public consultation warns the Mayor of London.

The warning comes after Caroline Pidgeon, a London Assembly Member, asked the Mayor of London what the outcome was of his review of card payments in London taxis, and why he did not include alternatives to the incumbent options which may be cheaper to use.

Transport for London (TfL) engaged with taxi industry stakeholders in late 2023 to deliberate on the current card payment systems in taxis. A key outcome of these discussions is the reaffirmation that any card payment company is welcome to seek approval for its device with the prerequisite that the payment device is to be fixed within the passenger compartment of the taxi.

The Mayor outlined several advantages of positioning card payment devices in the passenger compartment. These benefits include ensuring passengers maintain control over their personal information, mitigating the risk of conflicts between passengers and drivers, and facilitating the quick and easy verification of the presence of payment devices during on-street and licensing inspections.

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, said: “Transport for London (TfL) met with stakeholders in late 2023 to further discuss card payments in taxis.


“It remains the case that any card payment company can seek approval for its device, subject to it meeting TfL’s requirements, which includes the device being fixed in the rear (passenger) compartment.


“There are a number of benefits from having card payment devices fixed in the passenger compartment, including:


“It helps ensure passengers remain in control of their personal information and can also help reduce the risk of passenger/driver conflict


“It makes it quicker and easier to check a device is present during on-street and licensing inspections

“It helps make passengers aware that they can pay by car


“The fixed device in the passenger compartment provides the quickest and most efficient way for most passengers to pay, especially if they are paying by contactless."


Khan added: “Changes to the card payment mandate, including the requirements for devices, may require a public consultation.”  


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