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Basingstoke taxi & private hire drivers could face a penalty points system attached to their licence

Image credit: Piqsels

Basingstoke Council are considering introducing a penalty points system for licensed taxi and private hire drivers, as they look to toughen licensing measures.

The new measures were discussed during a recorded licensing committee meeting which was held on Monday 2 November.

Taxi and private vehicle drivers would be given penalty points for breaches of licensing conditions or legislation, if the measures are agreed.

If a driver is given 12 points in a year, their licence could be reviewed by the council. As part of the tightening of the council’s private hire licence policy, it is also introducing a six-month DBS check for all drivers, which looks at a person’s criminal history.

Points would range from four to 12, with four points given for breaches including parking in contravention of parking restrictions and unnecessarily prolonging a journey.

Six points would be given for breaches such as abusive or un-cooperative behaviour, and using a licensed vehicle without a valid compliance certificate.

The worst offences would be given 12 points, which includes illegally plying for hire. Council officer Robert Draper told councillors that the new penalty points system “offers us another tier of enforcement. You can accrue up to 12 penalty points in any 12-month period. If you reach the magic number, you make an appearance before a sub-committee. They will decide whether you remain a fit and proper person. There’s no instant justice…This is about us putting drivers in front of yourselves to make a judgement.” The points system would also apply to private hire operators. The committee agreed for the proposals to go to consultation.


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