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BLACK CAB TRANSFERS: How much is a London taxi to Heathrow Airport?

London, known for its iconic black cabs, offers a convenient and regulated taxi service that ensures a hassle-free transfer to and from Heathrow Airport. With over 15,000 licensed black taxi vehicles, finding a taxi in the capital is a breeze.

For those looking to make the journey from central London, or more specifically the Mayfair area, to Heathrow Airport, the fare is typically around £75, with an additional £5.20 drop-off fee. However, it is important to note that the fare may slightly increase during heavy traffic or on weekends and evenings when tariffs are higher.

Travellers heading to the airport’s Terminal Five can expect to pay an extra £10 due to the extended distance. Despite these additional charges, it is worth mentioning that some taxi drivers are willing to negotiate a fixed price or cap the fare, especially if it aligns with their work schedule. For instance, if the journey fits the driver's last fare of the day and they reside in the western part of London.

It is essential for passengers to be aware of misleading information sometimes provided by hotel concierge workers. Some may quote significantly higher prices to entice guests into using private hire vehicle services, where they receive incentives from the drivers or operators. However, it should be noted that private hire vehicles (PHV) cannot use bus lanes and their drivers have not passed the rigorous Knowledge of London topographical test.

To locate a taxi, passengers can avail themselves of various options. Firstly, they can check if they are near a taxi rank, as most established venues have one conveniently located outside. Nothing beats the convenience of having a taxi right at your doorstep. In case a taxi is not available at the rank, passengers can easily hail one by looking for a passing taxi with its orange light illuminated. Alternatively, electronic hailing through popular taxi apps like FREENOW, Gett, or Taxi App is also a viable option.

The London taxi service ensures convenience, reliability, and adherence to regulated fares. With the multitude of licensed black cabs in the city, travellers can rest assured that their journey to and from Heathrow Airport will be both comfortable and secure.


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