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BLACK CABS RESTRICTED: Women voice safety concerns due to lack of available taxis in City of London

The 'Cabs Across Bank' campaign continues to gather momentum as it highlights the difficulties faced by women in accessing black cabs in the City during late evening hours.

The campaign, focused on improving safety and accessibility, is seeking to address the challenges faced by women working late or socialising in bars, clubs, restaurants, and hotels in the City of London.

According to the campaign's website, many businesses and women have expressed their concerns about the scarcity of black cabs in the City at night. While black cabs are allowed to cross Bank Junction during nighttime, the various restrictions in the City during the day and other limitations have led drivers to increasingly avoid the Square Mile altogether.

The safety and well-being of women living, working, or visiting the City are of paramount importance. Recognising the significance of this issue, the campaign urges women to share their experiences and support the call for evidence.

Several women have already responded, voicing their concerns and lending their support to the cause. Amanda, who finds it challenging to get a cab from work, emphasised the need for increased safety as a woman. Nicola, a single young professional, shared her experience of having to walk all the way to London Bridge due to the lack of available black cabs at Bank Junction, leaving her feeling vulnerable and exposed late at night. She urged authorities to review the matter with the perspective of vulnerable individuals in mind, highlighting the importance of accessibility for everyone in the city.

Other women include Katarina who’d highlighted the inconvenience caused by the restrictions, particularly for females trying to make their journey home late in the evening. She expressed her desire to feel safe by being able to hail passing cabs, stating that the current situation prevents this.

The 'Cabs Across Bank' campaign calls for action to ensure the safety and accessibility of transport options for all individuals, particularly women, in the City. The voices and perspectives shared will contribute to facilitating a thorough review of the current situation in order to make London an accessible and secure place for everyone, regardless of age or mobility.

The campaign's website encourages further responses from women who have faced similar challenges or wish to show their support. Solving these transportation issues is crucial to creating an inclusive and safe environment for all individuals in the City of London.

To provide your feedback and support for less restrictions placed on black cabs in the City of London district, email


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