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Breakthrough in decades-old taxi driver murder case: DNA profile identified in George Murdoch case

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Image credit: Police Scotland

After four decades of relentless pursuit, a significant breakthrough has emerged in the investigation of the brutal murder of George Murdoch, a 58-year-old taxi driver in Aberdeen.

The incident, which occurred on the evening of Thursday, 29 September 1983, shocked the local community and left the family in anguish.

The heinous crime saw the assailant employ a cheese wire, delivering a violent attack that claimed the life of George Murdoch. The incident transpired around 8.45pm as Murdoch turned onto Pitfodels Station Road.

However, the passage of time has not dulled the unwavering determination of law enforcement agencies. Recent advancements in forensic analysis have allowed authorities to identify a DNA profile, offering renewed hope for justice in the case, according to Police Scotland.

Despite the breakthrough, investigators are urging the public to come forward with any information related to a man who was spotted wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt in Wilson's Sports Bar on Market Street in Aberdeen back in 2015. This individual became the subject of a public appeal last year, as authorities believe he may have vital information pertaining to the George Murdoch case.

It is important to note that no arrests have been made in connection with this gruesome murder since it occurred. The Major Investigation Team of Police Scotland has been tirelessly reviewing and investigating the case, leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit for justice.

The identification of a DNA profile represents a significant stride forward for law enforcement officials. With this vital information at their disposal, investigators are hopeful that it will lead to crucial leads and closer to finally resolving this long-standing case.

The family of George Murdoch, affectionately known as "Dod," has endured four decades of uncertainty and grief. Their hopes for closure have been rekindled by the recent breakthrough, as they long for justice to be served and their beloved family member's memory to be honoured.

Mr Murdoch’s family have provided the following statement: “Our family was rocked by what happened to Dod and it continues to affect us today.

“Forty years is a long time to go without all of the answers to what happened to him, but it’s never too late to see justice served and we urge anyone with any information that could assist the investigation, no matter what it is, to contact police.

“Dod was a gentle, likeable and kind-hearted man, who usually had a smile on his face. We all miss him terribly and hope for some closure.”

Detective Inspector James Callander said: “We have identified a DNA profile which may assist our ongoing enquiries.

“I would ask everyone to think back to the time George was murdered and if you have any information or concerns from around that time, please don’t dismiss it and contact us.

“We are hopeful this DNA evidence will allow us to progress this enquiry for George’s family.”


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