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Buckinghamshire Council proposes that all taxis & PHVs to be fitted with CCTV by 2023

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Taxi and private hire drivers licensed with Buckinghamshire Council could be required to install CCTV systems in their vehicles by April 2023.

Buckinghamshire Council are currently looking at ways to make travelling in a taxi or private hire vehicle safer for both driver and passenger.

In a document attached to the council's taxi and private hire policy consultation, the licensing authority lays out major goals which they aim to introduce into their regulations.

The document reads: "It is the Council’s intention that from the 1st April 2023 all licensed vehicles must be fitted with an approved CCTV system.

"The council does not, however, currently mandate this requirement and therefore the Policy sets out clear guidelines to ensure that CCTV systems in licensed vehicles within the Buckinghamshire Council area are used to prevent and detect crime, reduce the fear of crime and enhance the health and safety of private hire drivers and their passengers."

In addition to the possible introduction of CCTV, taxi and private hire drivers will face a new penalty points system to help ensure standards are met within the trade.

The document reads: "The Penalty Points Policy operates alongside and in addition to the council’s other enforcement powers for taxi and private hire licensing controls. Penalty points may be awarded to licence holders for failure to comply with the Council’s conditions and standards.

"The system may be used to issue points to licensed drivers, operators and vehicle owners. The Schedule within the Policy sets out the breaches for each category of licence and the number of penalty points that may be awarded for failure to comply.

"Licence holders who get above a set number of points within 18 months will have their licence reviewed, which may result in revocation, temporary suspension and/or additional assessment and testing.

"Licence holders who regularly accumulate points can expect more serious consequences, such as longer periods of suspension and possible revocation of their licence. The Policy sets out the process for issuing penalty points, the Council’s decision making process and rights of appeal."


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