Cabbie confidante and advisor - Survey shows one in 10 passengers reveal secrets to taxi drivers 

Research from black cab app, FREE NOW, has revealed that cab drivers act as trusted ‘confidantes’ for the nation, with one in 10 Brits admitting to having shared a secret with a cab driver which they haven’t even shared with their partner, family or friends. Almost a quarter of Brits have previously confided in a cabbie, with those aged between 25-34 most likely to seek advice from a driver.

Newcastle is the chattiest city, both with and without a drink with 27 per cent, followed by Londoners who are most likely to get talking after they’ve had a tipple or two at 19 per cent. Locals from Cardiff on the other hand are the least likely to share their personal woes with low figures of 7 per cent. Data from FREE NOW revealed that 83 per cent of drivers said they would never repeat or share any information they’ve been told or overheard by passengers, so Brits can rest assured their secrets are safe. Passengers say they’d prefer to chat to a cabbie about something personal, as they’re easier to talk to and know they won’t tell anyone what they hear. And it’s not just the public who admit to getting chatty. New driver data from FREE NOW showed that over two thirds of its drivers, 73 per cent, say they have offered advice to their passengers, with 72 per cent saying they have felt moved by some of the stories they’ve been told in their cab. Most importantly, 83 per cent said they would never repeat or share any information they’ve been told or overheard by their passengers. Scott H, a black cab driver from London comments: “I’ve had a lot of my passengers talk to me in confidence during a journey, opening up to me about what’s on their mind. From affairs to business deals…I’ve really heard it all! But what’s discussed in my cab, stays in my cab… that’s just the cabbie code. People feel like they can open up to us, so they can rest assured their secret is safe!” Vandana Prashar, Head of Operations at FREE NOW comments: “Black cab drivers are not only some of the biggest talkers, but they’re clearly great listeners too. It’s great to see that passengers feel happy and comfortable enough to open up to drivers about what’s on their mind. It’s important to us that our passengers continue to feel comfortable and at ease during their journeys, and if that means coming clean to a cabbie about something…then long may that continue!”

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