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CABBIE SHORTAGES: Aberdeen agree to keep Knowledge taxi driver test, but make resits easier

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Aberdeen Councillors have agreed to keep the city’s Knowledge test that all taxi drivers must take, but controversially the resits will be made EASIER in a bid to tackle taxi driver shortages in the area.

Like many urban cities around the UK, would-be cabbies must pass a test that demonstrates their working topographical knowledge of the area they work in. Knowledge of the area helps drivers immediately pick the best and cheapest route for people looking to hail down a cab or use a taxi at ranks dotted about in key locations.

However, in Aberdeen there has been calls to seriously overhaul the Knowledge requirement needed in a bid to get more taxi drivers on the road following a current shortage.

Councillors have now agreed the test should now remain following feedback from the public and the industry, but if a taxi candidate fails to pass one of the four sections they will now have the opportunity to resit just that one section moving forwards. If the candidate fails more than one section the whole test must be resat.

Councillor Steve Delaney said: “We are very sympathetic to the fact that we need to get more taxi drivers on the road.

“And it’s rather unfair that failing one section of the test means a whole resit.”


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