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Cabbies ask for updated Heathrow taxi rank price list for journeys OUTSIDE of Greater London

Cabbies are pushing for an update to Heathrow’s taxi price list for journeys OUTSIDE of the Greater London area as metered tariff prices get set to rise at the end of the month.

Taxi fares in London are set to increase 5.51% during daytime tariff rates in a bid to help the industry cover rising fuel and running costs.

Black cab prices between 10pm and 5am have been frozen, but amendments to the starting meter will rise by 60p across all tariffs as of 30 April.

Jobs outside the Metropolitan Police Area are negotiable and can be refused. Whilst ranking at Heathrow Airport, drivers are urged to use the meter or one of the trade agreed price lists to charge passengers arriving into the airport. Both methods are seen to be fair to drivers and potential customers.

Sam Houston, LTDA Senior Rep, wrote in TAXI Newspaper: “Many drivers I’ve spoken to at the airport feel that it is time to update the suggested prices for journeys outside the Greater London area.

“These jobs come up fairly frequently and there is a Trade-agreed pricelist displayed on all terminal ranks. The prices are for guidance only – customers will often ask for a quote and it’s helpful to have an ’official’ list to point to. Drivers are free to make a deal on their own estimation of what they want to take for the job based on time, distance, fuel etc. It's a good idea to look at these prices around the same time as the upcoming Tariff adjustment. One idea is to add five percent to every price in line with this year’s change.

“Whatever the outcome, it’s never wrong to use the meter – that’s what it’s for, the suggested prices are there to give people an idea what the final price might be. You might for example say, “I’ll do it for the meter or the set price, whichever is lower.”


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