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Cambridge City Council EXTENDS taxi age limits by two years to boost accessibility and affordability

In a move described as a "lifeline" for struggling drivers, Cambridge City Council (CCC) has unanimously approved a change in policy to increase the age limit for taxis from nine years to 11.

This decision aims to provide more affordable options for drivers, increase the number of wheelchair-accessible taxis, and address the challenges faced by disabled individuals in accessing transportation.

The decision comes after a petition signed by 159 licensed taxi drivers called for these policy changes.

According to Cambridge Independent, Ahmed Karaahmed, chairman of Cambridge City Licensed Taxis, stressed the importance of the new policy as a “lifeline” for drivers and their families who have been struggling with the rising cost of living.

One other significant change is the removal of the requirement for new taxi drivers to have a car under four years old when applying for a licence. Instead, the council now mandates that new taxis must meet a Euro 5 standard or higher, focusing on environmentally friendly and more accessible vehicles rather than solely on age.

Officials confirmed that the policy change will mainly impact wheelchair-accessible taxis, as the majority of saloon-style taxis have already transitioned to ultra-low or zero-emission vehicles. The change aims to address the shortage of accessible taxis and prevent disabled individuals from being confined to their homes due to transportation limitations.


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