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Cap on fares to be introduced with taxi meters in South Norfolk

Image credit: South Norfolk Council

A new cap on fares is to be introduced with taxi meters in South Norfolk.

Following a consultation last year, South Norfolk Council has adopted a revised Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Vehicle Policy.

This applies to all South Norfolk Council licensed Operators, Vehicles and Drivers. The revised policy requires all licensed hackney carriages to be fitted with a sealed calendar controlled taximeter.

Hackney Carriages are cabs that can pick up customers from the streets in the district or from taxi ranks without the need to be pre-booked, like a Private Hire Vehicle.

The Council is introducing a ‘table of fares’ which will fix the rates for distance, time and all other charges in connection with the hiring of any South Norfolk Council licensed hackney carriage. 

Previously in South Norfolk, and up until the end of March 2023, hackney cab drivers could charge any fare they wanted when picking up customers from taxi ranks in the district, or from the train stations at Diss and Wymondham.

The revised policy was agreed last year but a transitional arrangement was put in place until April 2023 to allow for the installation of the taximeters. The cap on charges will take effect from 1 April 2023.

Councillor Yvonne Bendle, Chair of the licencing committee, said: “The Council recognises the importance the licensed trade offers to our local communities and as the Licensing Authority we aim to balance the needs of our licence holders with our duty to protect the public and, in particular, children and vulnerable adults. The Council wants to help well-run and responsible businesses which provide essential services to the travelling public.”


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