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City of London calls for public input to enhance safety for women

Image credit: London Taxi PR / Andy Scott

In a collective effort to address the concerns of safety for women within the City of London, the City of London Crime Prevention Association has initiated a survey to assess the sense of security among women and gather suggestions for implementing effective initiatives.

Recognising the significant number of women who visit the City of London daily, the association has identified certain areas and times of the day when women may feel vulnerable. Seeking to create a safer environment for all residents and visitors, the association aims to gather feedback from women living, working, or visiting the area through the Prevent Violence Against Women & Girls (P-VAWG) Survey.

The survey provides an invaluable opportunity for women to voice their experiences and concerns regarding safety in the City of London. By understanding their perspectives, the association and its partner agencies can work towards implementing new initiatives that address the specific challenges women face.

Don Randall, Chairman of the City of London Crime Prevention Association, said in note to business leaders in the area: "We want to hear from everyone about their views abouts safety in the City Of London what they would like to see introduced to ensure new initiatives are effective.

“We are committed to supporting the outcomes of this survey and tackling the issue of violence against women and girls.”

By collaborating with the public and using the survey as a platform for engagement, the City of London Crime Prevention Association aims to create a safer and more secure environment for all women in the City of London. The insights gathered from the survey will play a crucial role in formulating targeted initiatives, ensuring that women can navigate the city without anxiety or fear.

To participate in the Prevent Violence Against Women & Girls (P-VAWG) Survey, please visit:


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