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CROSS BORDER CONCERNS: Bath's taxi drivers are the latest to demand local licensing clampdown

Bath’s taxi drivers are the latest in the industry to call for urgent action from the local council to halt the encroachment of out-of-area drivers who they claim are threatening their livelihoods.

Since 2015, taxi drivers have been permitted to be licensed by councils outside their area of operation, a loophole that has allowed non-local drivers to flood into Bath and other areas of England.

Drivers in Bath, who have invested in passing the rigorous local knowledge test and paid £582 for a licence from Bath and North East Somerset Council, are now facing stiff competition from drivers licensed elsewhere at a cheaper rate. These cross border drivers, not subjected to Bath’s stringent standards, are claimed to be undercutting local professionals.

A new petition has been launched, calling on Bath and North East Somerset Council to ban cross-border hiring. The petition highlights several key issues:

1. Enforcement Gaps: The current system lacks effective enforcement to restrict operations to locally licensed drivers. This has led to an influx of external drivers who do not comply with Bath’s standards.

2. Economic Impact: Local drivers are experiencing significant income losses due to the over-saturation of the market by out-of-area drivers, leading to economic difficulties for many local families.

3. Safety and Standards: The influx of external drivers potentially lowers the quality and safety of taxi services in Bath, as these drivers do not undergo the same rigorous checks as local ones.

The petitioners are requesting the council implement a ban on cross-border hiring, strengthen enforcement of local licensing laws, and take immediate measures to protect local drivers and maintain service quality.

The Bath taxi community is rallying for swift council intervention to secure their jobs and uphold the high standards expected in local transport services.

To read the petition in full, visit


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