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Cyclist complains about taxi driver in poorly designed St Pancras shared taxi rank and C6 cycleway

A London taxi driver shown merging into a badly designed St Pancras taxi rank was lambasted by a cyclist for not moving over sufficiently before the road space narrows.

A TikTok account uploaded the video showing a black cab moving into the protected shared taxi rank and C6 cycle route. The video cuts away as the taxi driver approaches the front of the busy taxi rank.

The short video was shared on social media sites like TikTok and Reddit where drivers and cyclists discussed whether the cabbie going about his work was in the wrong or not.

One person commented: "The bit on the left is for taxis. There should be a divider. Poorly designed bit of road all round. The pedestrian crossing from the station exit is ignored by ALL vehicles, and is b***** dangerous for peds."

The shared road space requires taxi drivers to drive across C6 Cycleway markings to join the road. The left handside of the road space forms a taxi rank which can span the length on the road with parked cabs, whilst moving traffic continues on the right.


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