Darlington cabbies will NOT have to drive cabs a particular shade of red as council shelves the idea

Darlington Borough Council have decided not to enforce a colour code for hackney carriage taxis as part of their new licensing policy.

The push for a uniformed taxi fleet came as the council looked to ensure the safety of taxi passengers by making cabs easier to identify.

The colour that was proposed is the same as you would see on a Royal Mail vehicle or on an iconic Ferrari.

Drivers argued that the vehicle of their choice may not be available in that specific shade of red, limiting their options.

Councillor Brian Jones, chairman of the council's licensing committee, said: “The key aim of the policy is to ensure the safety and welfare of the public, encourage environmental sustainability, and ensure efficient taxi and private hire services in the borough.

“We sought the views of local residents and the taxi trade when drawing up the revised policy and have taken those comments on board.

“We want to ensure those using the taxis and private hire vehicles operating in the borough feel safe and comfortable and that they meet all the standards required.

“We’re also looking to streamline the application process to make it easier for drivers and operators and the proposed changes will provide clarity for the licensed trade and ensure the licensing regime will continue to protect the travelling public.”

Councillors agreed with drivers that the particular shade of red they were proposing may no longer be available from a number of car manufacturers, causing the committee to shelve the idea for now.

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