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“Demand an end to flagrant breaching of employment law by Uber” say app drivers' union ADCU

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The App Drivers & Couriers Union (ADCU) are calling for Uber drivers to join them as they protest outside Uber’s Greenlight Hub in Brighton this week, as the Union claims the ride-hailing firm are continuing to “mistreat” drivers despite a court decision which ruled workers as employees rather than independent contractors.

The ADCU will hold the demo on Thursday 16 September, which begins at 1pm.

A spokesperson for the Union said: “Despite the Supreme Court ruling, and despite Uber's recent disingenuous media campaigns on ending worker exploitation, Uber are still mistreating their workforce on a massive scale.

“Uber are unfairly dismissing drivers without due process on a daily basis and they are in non-compliance with Court decisions that have been made against them.

“We demand an end to this flagrant breaching of employment law and flouting of court rulings and we demand that Uber complies with the Supreme Court in full. Uber needs to be held to account! The Employment Tribunal found them to be in breach, as did every appellant Court involved thereafter, all the way up to the Supreme Court itself.

“Yet, Uber still does not comply in full. Plain and simple - Uber is a rogue operator and they are thumbing their nose at UK employment law and the UK judicial system; and we, as a trade union, must not rest until this firm is brought to heel and their full and unfettered compliance with UK law is enforced.

“In many cases drivers are left out on a limb and don't have many avenues to seek remedy when Uber decides to cast them aside. Uber tries it's best not to afford their drivers any route of appeal following dismissals and suspensions and they refuse to provide evidence to back up their allegations.

“Uber is exploiting the law by treating drivers unfairly and making decisions without any legal repercussions due to the fact that they have crafted a business model that completely denies their workforce their basic worker rights.

“There is no due process being followed by this firm. They do not hold investigatory meetings or hearings. Hardly ever does a shred of evidence get presented against their workers being accused of wrongdoing... I repeat, Uber is a rogue operator and they are cocking-a-snook and thumbing their nose at UK law.”


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