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Designer of LEGO taxi looks to build on support to bring black cab model to market

Image credit: Seppdemba

The iconic black taxi, instantly recognisable across the world, could soon become available to buy as a LEGO set should the design win the hearts of the public.

As part of the LEGO Ideas scheme, which encourages imaginative Lego enthusiasts to design and showcase their proposals, one designer has created a fantastic London cab.

If support for the new LEGO black cab reaches over 10,000 ‘likes’ the design could be put forward into a final competition to make the set widely available.

According to its creator, Seppdemba, the model has “been built after the typical Hackney design and features many details such as an opening bonnet, boot and all four doors as well as the famous roof sign and a nice modelled interior”.

Image credit: Seppdemba

The designer goes on to add: “In the boot you can find a spare wheel and some maintenance tools.

“Disabled passengers will be able to get into the taxi with a foldable wheel chair ramp.

“Your luggage may be stored left to the driver's seat, as it would be in real life.

“This creation includes the taxi, a wheelchair and one piece of luggage.”

To support the design, people are asked to visit the LEGO Ideas site to register their vote.

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