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Disqualified Hampshire PHV driver taken into custody for a "NUMBER OF OFFENCES"

Image credit : Twitter @tvprp

A man who provided false details to Thames Valley police officers, has been taken into custody for a number of offences.

Thames Valley Police Roads Policing Team stopped the man, who was driving a black Mercedes vehicle to perform roadside checks.

The man, who officers say "is a taxi driver" [Private Hire Driver], provided false details during the checks. Officers proceeded to check the identity of the man using a fingerprint device. Results showed that the man was lying about his identity.

Officers confirmed the man is disqualified from driving a private hire vehicle, and was taken into custody for a number of offences.

A spokesperson for the force also confirmed that the company the cabbie was working with and his licensing authority, will be informed of the offences.

Using their official Twitter account, a spokesperson for Thames Valley Police said: "Driver of this vehicle is a taxi [private hire] driver. He provided false details so out came the fingerprint device and caught out yet again!

"Disqualified taxi [private hire] driver is now going to custody for a number of offences. His company and local council will be informed."


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