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E-scooter rider blitzes past marked police car at 40mph before attempting dangerous getaway

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Image credit : Twitter @MerPolTraffic

An e-scooter rider has been caught speeding at a whopping 40mph by officers from Merseyside Roads Policing Unit.

Recorded by the police vehicle's dashcam system, the rider can be seen using the inside lane of the three laned East Lancashire Road.

When officers attempted to stop the man, he failed to stop and proceeded to ride dangerously to prevent the police catching up with him.

Officers eventually managed to intercept the rider, seizing the e-scooter and summoning the man.

Using Twitter to highlight the incident, a spokesperson for Merseyside Roads Policing Unit, said @MerPolTraffic: "Electric scooter sighted casually passing a marked traffic car at 40mph on the East Lancs Road and then failed to stop and drove dangerously to try and get away.

Image credit : Twitter @MerPolTraffic

"We got him eventually though. Scooter seized and rider summonsed for all offences."


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