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FILTHY PLATES: Police show vehicle with unreadable licence plates and warn others of £100 fine

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Image credit: Thames Valley Police Roads Policing (Twitter)

Drivers using some of the UK’s most filthy roads are being warned to ensure their number plate has an unobstructed view or face a £100 fine for the offence.

Motorists in some parts of the UK are currently finding their vehicles smothered in dirt as a result of extensive road gritting over the recent cold period.

Police officers from Thames Valley Police were quick to issue a ‘polite reminder’ to motorists that any vehicles found to have obscured number plates as a result of the dirt could be liable for a fine.

A Thames Valley Police Roads Policing spokesperson said via social media: “Polite reminder to motorists that cars are very quickly getting dirty in the cold weather conditions we have had recently.

“Ensuring an unobstructed view of a registration plate is the drivers responsibility. A fine of £100 can be issued for this offence.”


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