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FIRE CONCERNS: Taxi drivers CAN REFUSE electric scooters confirms Bristol and South Glos Councils

E-Scooter image credit: LFB

Taxi drivers licensed under Bristol and South Gloucestershire councils can REFUSE to carry electric scooters due to the perceived fire risk it has been confirmed.

The west-country authorities have moved quickly to follow Transport for London’s (TfL) lead to allow both taxi and private hire drivers the opportunity to reject access to those carrying the scooters.

Following a spate of fires caused by e-scooter batteries, the London Fire Brigade gave its backing to the wider ban of private e-scooters on London’s transport network. The ban came into force before Christmas after one caught fire on a packed tube train.

In 2021, London firefighters attended more than 50 fires involving e-scooters and e-bikes – which is double the total amount seen in 2020.

According to police sources, Bristol and South Gloucestershire councils will now allow licensed taxi drivers the opportunity to refuse the journey if they feel there is a risk to carrying an e-scooter in their vehicle.

For Private Hire drivers and Operators it also remains up to them if they choose to take e-scooters or not.

The ban only applies to e-scooters. It does not extend to electric mobility scooters or wheelchairs, which drivers still have an obligation to take.


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