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FREENOW scraps Fixed Price fares for On-Demand black taxis just a month after its introduction

FREENOW announced it will scrap its Fixed Price model for on-demand Black Cab services just a month after its introduction.

Starting today, the option for a fixed price fare on these trips will no longer be available.

Passengers booking a Black Cab for immediate travel will only be able to hail a metered taxi fare instead. However, fixed price fares will still be an option for airport journeys, ensuring more predictability for those heading to or from the airport.

The shift back to the status-quo aims to once again enhance the service experience for both drivers and passengers.

Last month taxi drivers saw the FREENOW app offer the option of Fixed Price fares between 8pm to 7am on weekdays. The initiative originally aimed to provide passengers with a locked price before they book their ride.


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