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Glasgow cabbies ask for urgent help as ‘unsustainable’ £200 monthly increase in fuel costs bite

Image credit: Ross Campbell

Cabbies in Glasgow have called for urgent help as the ‘unsustainable’ fuel crisis forces taxi drivers to continue meeting higher costs amounting to roughly £200 each month.

Representatives from the taxi trade said the industry couldn’t be ‘expected to absorb extraordinary fuel price rises much longer’ and urged a fast resolution.

Taxi drivers across the UK were hit hard financially during the pandemic and have been working hard to recover since final coronavirus restrictions were lifted. Glasgow cabbies also face forking out thousands of pounds in the near future when new Low Emissions Zone rules come into play next year.

Unite Union Glasgow Cab Section have stressed that around 1,000 iconic taxi vehicles could be taken off the roads in one swoop if an additional extension to meet requirements isn’t implemented. Drivers however continue to struggle to make enough money to keep up with living costs and pay for new vehicles.

In April 2022, out of the 1,420 taxis licensed by Glasgow City Council, around 1,000 did not meet the requirements set to come into play next year.

Many other licensing authorities have raised taxi tariffs significantly to help cabbies with living and running costs.

A Unite Glasgow Cab Section spokesperson said: “Taxi drivers in Glasgow cannot be expected to absorb extraordinary fuel price rises much longer. Drivers paying on average £200 more on fuel per month. We understand that due process must be followed but it is simply unsustainable. We need a resolution and fast.”

The Scottish Hospitality Group commented: “The knock on effect is even fewer taxis, which leads to unsafer streets at night when customer want to get home, and fewer people coming out if they can not get a taxi.

“Incentives/schemes/grants are needed to help taxi operators fund a move to more sustainable/affordable vehicles.”


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