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Government run Guernsey taxi app marks successful first year with 40,000 journeys

The Guernsey Taxi App has recorded a a very healthy milestone in its inaugural year, facilitating nearly 40,000 journeys.

This innovative service, launched to streamline taxi bookings, has gained significant traction among both drivers and passengers.

On its busiest day in April this year, the app facilitated an impressive 239 journeys. On average, 106 journeys are arranged daily through the app, demonstrating its steady use and reliability.

The app has 105 registered taxi drivers, with about 85 actively using the platform. This widespread adoption reflects the positive reception and trust placed in the app by the local taxi community.

The introduction of a taxi booking system accessible via an app was a key recommendation from the independent Taxi and Private Hire Car Review, published in September 2022. This review aimed to modernise and improve the efficiency of taxi services in Guernsey.

From 1 January 2024, all taxi operators are mandated to sign up to the Guernsey Taxi App or an alternative that meets specified quality criteria. This requirement ensures a consistent and high standard of service for passengers across the island.

Deputy Andy Cameron, member of the Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure, said: "The sheer uptake of the Guernsey Taxi App clearly shows what a welcome introduction this has been. For customers it provides a one-stop shop for hailing a taxi on demand, avoiding the need to phone up several companies. For drivers it reduces the amount of 'dead mileage' by offering the request to the taxi closest to the waiting passenger.

"We're pleased that this has been welcomed by the industry and continue to work alongside the Guernsey Taxi Drivers Association, to see how the app can be further developed. It's good for customers, it's good for the industry, it's what people expect in today's world and we're really pleased with how it's been received one year in."


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