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GREAT ORMOND STREET, WAR VETS AND THE VULNERABLE: Actor’s post reveals kindness of black taxi drivers

London's black cab drivers often go unnoticed for their acts of kindness, yet their helpful nature deserves recognition.

A video showcased a black cab driver offering a free ride to his passengers heading to Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. This generous gesture highlights the compassionate side of cabbies who support causes close to their hearts, including aiding war veterans and other vulnerable groups.

Actor James Dreyfus, known for his roles in Gimme Gimme Gimme and The Thin Blue Line, recently praised them, emphasising that while every profession has its "bad apples", London cabbies are some of the kindest people he has encountered.

Replying to Dreyfus’ post, one person recalled a heart-warming experience on their 21st birthday. Carrying flowers, they were asked by the cabbie if it was a special occasion. Upon learning it was their birthday, the driver waived the fare. Another account from 2015 describes a driver who, seeing a distressed parent with a child in hospital, refused the fare and even offered money for a coffee.

A regular user of black cabs shared how her nephew's trips to Great Ormond Street Hospital were often met with free rides from cabbies, a service they added that was rarely extended by minicabs or ride-hailing apps like Uber.

Others recounted similar experiences of kindness. A woman shared how a driver turned into an impromptu tour guide during her first cab ride, making it a memorable journey. Another noted how a cabbie drove her mother across London each Christmas to ensure she reached her destination safely.

Women, in particular, have highlighted the safety and courtesy of black cab drivers. Many have felt reassured by the drivers' professionalism and concern for their well-being, particularly when travelling alone at night.

These stories paint a picture of London's black cab drivers as not just professionals but as compassionate individuals who go the extra mile. Their everyday acts of kindness make a significant difference in the lives of many, reflecting a unique and often overlooked aspect of London's taxi service.


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