Group of London cabbies hit back at claims they are resisting change after seeking FCA action

A group of cabbies in London seeking an Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) special meeting against their own taxi representatives have hit back at claims that they are trying to “resist“ change.

Last week a group of around 300 London taxi drivers, who are also members of the Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA), announced their aim to remove current members of the Council by signing a petition and calling for a FCA special meeting.

The calls against the LTDA, who have around 10,000 members, come after alleged lost confidence in the Council, whom the member group believes have taken control of the organisation and are preventing members from exercising their rights.

In response to the original accusations the LTDA robustly refuted the claims made against them, suggesting that a section of cab drivers are ‘resisting’ change to a ‘one member one vote’ system.

Steve McNamara, General Secretary of LTDA, said: “We have sought to get away from the ‘show of hands’ at a meeting that has resulted in intimidation and threats against members. We favour a one member one vote, by postal ballot, where all members have a democratic vote, not just a handful who hold a meeting in a pub!“

A spokesperson for the Members Group responded to the LTDA’s claim saying: “The General Secretary has consistently characterised our group as small, disruptive, intimidating and threatening. He fails to acknowledge the true number, the fact that we are following due process, and that we are doing so assisted by a law firm known for its expertise in co-operative law.

“The Council are trying to change the LTDA’s rules not because they want to get away from a ‘show of hands’ at a meeting but because they do not want to have to face drivers in person at a meeting, and to answer difficult questions, which they have failed to answer so far.

“They are trying to secure this change to the current rules by an illegal process. The law (the current rules) requires a meeting of the members to vote at a meeting on any change to the LTDA’s rules. This is a good, normal, healthy and transparent thing to do.”

The Members Group then stated that the Council have allegedly “destroyed the ability for the members to have any voice in the LTDA” by suspending Branches and changing the rules so that the members can no longer call a special meeting unless 51% of the members sign a requisition.

The Members Group continues adding: “It is the current Council which is the “small group”, who have actually destroyed the democratic processes of the LTDA, and who are now trying to secure their complete control by introducing rule changes by an illegal process and so that members are powerless to do anything at meetings.

“Members need to understand why the LTDA has lost £4 million in the last 5 years, why Taxi House was sold without member consultation and why elections are being held without proper oversight such that a legitimate candidate has been disqualified from standing.”

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