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Halifax cabbie charged with possession of drugs with intent to supply

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Image credit: Piqsels

A cab driver in Halifax has been charged with possession of drugs with intent to supply (PWITS).

West Yorkshire Police announced the charge, confirming that the unnamed driver was caught in possession of three different types of illegal drug pills in the Class C category.

On 28 February, the cab driver had originally been stopped on Shay Lane due to the manner of his driving.

Due to community intelligence, the cab was searched and a quantity of pills were located within it, resulting in the driver being arrested on suspicion of PWITS.

A search of an address linked to the suspect was undertaken and thousands of pills were located valued at over £10,000.

A file was prepared for the Crown Prosecution Service who have reviewed the evidence and have made a decision to charge the suspect with Possession with Intent to Supply Class C x 3 due to there being three different types of pills that were located.


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