HOT TIPS: How to maintain your electric taxi whilst not working during COVID-19 period

As we all face a period of extended isolation due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many taxi drivers are spending less time driving their vehicles. LEVC, manufacturers of the new electric taxi, have released the following information to help thousands of TX owners maintain the vehicle’s condition during this period and also give non-electric cabbies an insight into the world of electric technology.

To ensure your TX operates to its optimum efficiency for essential travel or when the time comes to drop the shackles of lockdown, here are a number of steps you can follow. These will require little effort and will maintain the vehicle’s serviceability.

Maintain your vehicle battery

To build up sufficient charge in the vehicle's 12-volt battery, it is recommended that you turn your TX on to initiate ‘Drive’ mode - ensuring that the parking brake is applied, and the gear selection is in neutral. It is then recommended that the vehicle is left in “Driving mode” for a minimum of 15 minutes, during this time the 12-volt battery is being charged by the High Voltage (HV) battery - no other operator input is required and the Range Extender need not be running. LEVC advise this procedure is completed every 10 days. Be sure that your vehicle is outside when the engine is running and don’t leave it unattended.

It is also worth noting that if a home charge point is available for charging the HV battery, LEVC recommend that the HV battery is topped up above 75% state of charge.

Check your tyres

To ensure your tyres remain inflated and to avoid potential flat spots developing, check the tyre pressures against that specified in the Operator’s Handbook and App.

LEVC also advise a small movement of the vehicle back and forth every 14 days to change the point of pressure on the tyres.

Maintain your brakes

After extended periods of non-use, the taxi manufacturers recommend careful first application of the brakes when first driving your TX again. The brake discs may have light surface corrosion present and you may hear a scraping sound and feel a vibration for the first few seconds. This is expected and normal brake operation will remove this light surface corrosion.

Paint and exterior

Dirt, tree sap and bird lime can damage exterior surfaces and it is important to wash off to prevent permanent damage. Regular washing is advisable, particularly if your TX is parked under a tree or bush.

Range Extender

Just like diesel or petrol taxis if you’re not planning on driving your vehicle for a long period of time, it’s worth considering filling up your petrol tank to full. This will reduce the likelihood of any condensation building up.

Finally, vehicle service schedule and LEVC authorised repairer contact

The LEVC Authorised Repairer network is currently running at a reduced capacity due to the current restrictions. There are still a number of LEVC authorised repairers open giving priority to essential service vehicles and key workers.

If a TX service is due and can’t be booked in at a local LEVC Authorised Repairer, the vehicle can continue to be used until a service slot becomes available without compromising the vehicle's warranty.

Image credit: LEVC

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