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Immediate vehicle suspension notice handed to cabbie for driving with shockingly bald tyre

Image credit: Twitter @DVSAEnforcement

A cabbie in Bradford was handed an immediate suspension notice after vehicle examiners from the DVSA Enforcement Team noticed that one of the vehicle's tyres was completely bald.

In a picture posted on their official Twitter account, the rear tyre can be seen with no thread left and even has numerous exposed cords.

A spokesperson for the DVSA said: "Our vehicle examiners discovered these tyres on a taxi in Bradford.

"Whilst a majority of taxi drivers are safety conscious, there really is no excuse to allow tyres to get to this stage, especially when paying passengers trust they'll be transported safely."

A DVSA representative went on to confirm that an immediate PG9 prohibition notice was handed to the driver.

Anyone caught driving a vehicle with an illegal tyre is likely to face a fine and have 3 penalty points issued to their licence for each tyre deemed illegal.

This particular cabbie will also likely be summoned by their licensing authority to explain why they were driving with an illegal tyre and could face a suspension or even have their licence revoked on the basis of no longer being deemed "fit-and-proper" to hold one.

TaxiPoint has approached the DVSA to find out whether this was a hackney carriage taxi or a private hire vehicle.


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