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Impatient Steerside cab driver pulls dangerous 3 CAR OVERTAKING MANOEUVRE in front of police

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Image credit : Pixabay remixed

A taxi driver in Steerside has been reported after attempting a dangerous manoeuvre in front of a police car.

The cabbie is said to have pulled into the opposite lane while in traffic to perform an overtaking move, before pulling back into the correct lane causing a motorist to slam on their brakes.

Police officers witnessed the taxi driver overtake, not just one vehicle but three, before jumping into a gap left by the slow moving traffic.

As a result, officers reported the driver for driving without due care and also notified the local taxi and private hire licensing authority for consideration.

The driver may now face a hearing with the committee who could make a decision whether they can still be considered fit-and-proper to hold a licence.

Taking to Twitter to highlight the incident, a spokesperson for Steerside Enforcement Team said: "In queuing traffic today, a taxi ahead of us pulls to the right, overtakes 3 vehicles then cuts back left across the flow of traffic, causing another driver to slam on.

"Stopped, reported for driving without due care and reported to taxi licensing for consideration."


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