Intoxicated private hire driver arrested after crashing into parked cars before fleeing the scene

Image credit:Twitter-@SurreyRoadCops

A private hire driver has been arrested after fleeing the scene of a collision in Ashford, Surrey.

Officers attended the scene after they became aware of a private hire vehicle (PHV) that had smashed into multiple parked cars.

On arrival, the driver of the PHV had fled the crash site, but officers were able to track the man down nearby.

The man was ordered to undertake a roadside breath reading test. The results proved that the driver was intoxicated.

Surrey Police Roads Policing Unit used their official Twitter account to highlight the arrest, saying: "The driver of this PHV collided with two parked cars this morning in Ashford and then left the scene.

"He was located nearby and gave a roadside breath reading of 91, and so was arrested by @SpelthorneBeat. Fatal 5. DrinkorDrive."

The incident occurred on the morning of Sunday 11 October. The man will now face a court date and is likely to loose his driving licence and subsequently his private hire licence.

Police confirmed that the driver was licensed locally but would not disclose with which licensing authority it was.

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