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"Just give us what you promised": Scottish taxi trade continues to call for desperate financial help

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Desperate members of Scotland's taxi trade are still calling for financial help from the Scottish Government, who they say have failed to meet promises made to help the struggling industry.

Unite the Union are standing alongside taxi drivers and taxi/private hire operators, as they continue to fight for "meaningful" financial support.

A social media campaign, pushed by Unite's Edinburgh Cab Branch, is calling for Members of Scottish Parliament to pledge their support to work on behalf of the 38,000 licensed drivers and 18,000 operators to save the taxi trade in Scotland.

A spokesperson for the Edinburgh Cab Branch said: "The whole Scottish taxi trade has and continues to be let down by Scottish Government.

"Millions of pounds initially allocated to help the trade were not paid out. Please retweet the attached and pledge your support to fight for meaningful financial support for desperate taxi operators."

Unite the Union are calling for:

  • A £10,000 grant for each operator equal to the support given to other small business owners

  • A second cash grant to drivers from the previously announced £57 million Coronavirus: Taxi and Private hire Support Fund

  • The suspension of licensing fees by local authorities

  • A national stakeholder group to be set up with the Trade Union Driver Representatives having a seat at the table with Scottish Government

  • A review of Low Emissions standards and implementation dates to give the trade additional time to adjust to Environmental targets.

The Union's Tweet has gathered momentum, with a number of people retweeting and commenting.

One person simply wrote: "Just give us what you promised!". Another added: "Come on Scottish Government - please deliver on your promises to help the taxi trade operators! Why are you stalling? These guys are in debt and haven't had the help you promised. Please show you care about your electorate."

One taxi drover who has been hit hard by the dire financial situation he has seen since the pandemic began, said: "I've had to take my taxi off the road as I can't afford the insurance, and £1k just won't cover it. So I hope Scottish Government are looking forward to paying benefits to support my family and all the other taxi operators who will lose their business because of the lack of support."

In response, a spokesperson for Edinburgh Cab Branch, said: "Sadly this is a common occurrence these days. Proud people who have supported their families now being pushed out of work & not given the support they need to kick start their business. Scottish Government have their priorities all wrong."


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