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Karhoo partners with KOI Technologies to expand global ground transportation services

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Image credit: Karhoo (LinkedIn)

Ground transportation firm, Karhoo, has announced a strategic partnership with KOI Technologies, a renowned player in the global transportation industry.

This collaboration aims to enhance the services provided by both companies by connecting travellers with licensed taxi and private hire transportation partners worldwide, with a focus on tailored airport transfers.

Karhoo, known for its innovative approach to connecting passengers with local drivers, is set to benefit from the global reach and established reputation of KOI Technologies.

The partnership allows both Karhoo and KOI Technologies to operate in different areas within the UK, Spain, France, Dubai, and Austria. This collaboration will allow passengers to effortlessly book rides, whether they are travelling domestically or internationally, providing a consistent and reliable transportation service.

The union will not only expand Karhoo's operations across various countries but also empower drivers to optimise their efficiency and increase their earnings. By leveraging the expertise and technology of KOI Technologies, it is said that drivers will have access to a comprehensive platform that streamlines their operations and improves the overall customer experience.

As the world gradually recovers from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the global tourism industry is fast getting back on track. This partnership arrives at a perfect time, helping to play a vital role in revitalising the travel sector and meeting the increasing demand for safe, efficient, and convenient transportation options.

A Karhoo spokesperson said: “We're thrilled to share that we've joined forces with KOI Technologies, a leading ground transportation service worldwide.

“Connecting travellers with licensed transportation partners across the globe, KOI facilitates tailored airport transfers while empowering drivers to enhance efficiency and earnings.

“Karhoo and KOI operate in different areas in the UK, Spain, France, Dubai, and Austria. This collaboration promises to bring even more value to our offerings.”


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