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Lack of industry response prompts Argyll and Bute taxi tariff FREEZE despite high inflation

Taxi fares in Helensburgh and across Argyll and Bute are set to remain the same, after proposals for an increase failed to gather enough support from operators and the public.

A letter was sent to all taxi operators in the area asking for their views on potential fare increases, with a questionnaire also issued to engage with operators on the performance of the Licensing Section.

However, just 18 responses were received from the taxi industry, and only one member of the public expressed support for fares freezing, citing current fares as unaffordable. As a result of the limited response, Mid Argyll SNP Councillor Jan Brown proposed that fares be frozen, commenting that “most people who did respond wanted fares left as they were anyway”.

The proposal will now be advertised, and responses invited before the committee next meets on 23 August.


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