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LEVC partners with GEOTAB to launch new telematics service for taxi drivers and businesses owners

Image credit: LEVC

LEVC (London Electric Vehicle Company) today announced the launch of LEVC Telematics, Connected by Geotab, a new service which offers access to vehicle insights to help businesses of all sizes increase productivity and cost savings of their electric vehicles.

Available to order on both TX electric taxis and VN5 electric vans, customers will benefit from having an award-winning telematics solution installed directly into the vehicle, helping to optimise the way vehicles are used by delivering near real-time data to monitor vehicles as smartly and efficiently as possible.

Geotab processes over 40 billion data points from more than 2.3 million vehicles around the world. LEVC Telematics, Connected by Geotab, is centred around a simple online dashboard for ‘at-a-glance’ vehicle management. Maximising the cost-saving represented by LEVC’s unique eCity powertrain, the new offering also includes tools dedicated to electric vehicle reporting.

Available for all new TX and VN5 orders, LEVC Telematics, Connected by Geotab, can also be fitted retrospectively to LEVC vehicles already on the road.

A 12-month subscription to LEVC Telematics, Connected by Geotab, is expected to cost £200 plus VAT.

Joerg Hofmann, LEVC CEO, said: “Our electric TX and VN5 models are in use all day, every day and we know that an integrated vehicle optimisation tool will help to deliver increased business efficiencies and significant cost-savings for our customers.

“By partnering with Geotab, a global expert in helping businesses better manage their fleets, LEVC customers will benefit from being able to access a wealth of data at their fingertips, all delivered live, with software that has been developed to optimise electric vehicle operations.”

Christoph Ludewig, Vice President OEM Europe of Geotab, said: “With sustainability acting as a core pillar of our business, Geotab proudly supports the largest set of EV makes and models in the telematics industry and places the highest priority on helping to drive a more sustainable future.

“We are excited to work closely with forward-thinking and like-minded OEMs, like LEVC, to support customers in their electrification journeys and we look forward to continuing to expand our relationship to enable businesses to get the most of their electric vehicles today, and in the future.”


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