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LEVC to contact owners of TX electric taxi after panoramic roof inconsistencies found

Image credit: Ross Campbell

Taxi manufacturers LEVC are set to contact all TX owners after inconsistencies were found in the adhesive bonding performance of its TX model’s panoramic roof.

LEVC will ask all TX electric taxi drivers to contact their dealers to have the panoramic roof seal checked. TX owners are expected to receive a letter in the next few days and the dealer network has been informed.

Sources from the Coventry based manufacturer have stressed that the work is only a cautionary check and not all panoramic roofs will have remedial work carried out.

Nearly 4,000 electric taxis are licensed in London, with many more registered throughout the UK.

A spokesperson from LEVC said: “LEVC quality inspections have identified that, in a limited number of cases, there may be inconsistencies in the adhesive bonding performance of its electric TX model’s panoramic roof. This could reduce the integrity of the adhesive and may cause instability between the glass and the vehicle structure, under certain extreme conditions.

“LEVC takes vehicle quality and safety very seriously and has launched a proactive service campaign to inspect all electric TX models fitted with a panoramic roof. LEVC wishes to check that the bonding performance of the panoramic roof meets the highest standard. In a limited number of cases, remedial work may be required. This will be carried out immediately and at no charge to the customer.

“LEVC is actively contacting all affected customers and inviting them to contact their local LEVC dealer as soon as possible to arrange their vehicle inspection.”

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