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Lichfield District Council REJECTS taxi licence after DBS checks flag assault charges

In a decisive move to ensure public safety, the Lichfield District Council's Licensing & Consents Appeals Committee has refused a taxi driver licence application after serious charges came to light.

The committee convened on 18 December 2023 to deliberate the matter. During the hearing, it was revealed through information from the Disclosure and Barring Service that the applicant faced two charges of sexual assault and was presently on crown court bail.

The councillors, assessing the gravity of the charges, unanimously agreed that the applicant did not meet the 'fit and proper person' criteria set that’s essential for holding a taxi driver licence.

Following the hearing Cabinet Member Cllr Alex Farrell emphasised the council's responsibility to protect the public. He noted that while the applicant's court appearance was pending, making him legally innocent until proven guilty, the decision by the police and the Crown Prosecution Service to prosecute was significant.

Cllr Farrell said: “Although the applicant is waiting to appear in the crown court and could therefore be innocent or guilty, both the police and the Crown Prosecution Service have determined that there is sufficient evidence to prosecute him for these offences. 

“The council’s ultimate responsibility is to protect the public, and taxi drivers routinely provide transport for vulnerable people and are therefore placed in a considerable position of trust. We expect the highest standards from the drivers and vehicles that we licence.”


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