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LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION: Two London private hire vehicles smash into lights simultaneously

Image credit : Kenny

Two Transport for London (TfL) licensed private hire vehicles were seen smashing into a set of traffic lights at the same time in North London.

An image of the aftermath has been doing the rounds on social media and sparked debate over the safety of ride-hailing drivers.

Responding to the tweet, one person wrote: "Did we ever see carnage like this on our streets before apps? It confirms without a shadow of a doubt that convenience is more important than safety."

Another replied: "It's about time, actually beyond time, that the emergency services start to make representations to TfL about the standards of PH drivers."

Another made reference to F1 superstars, saying: "Looks like Max and Lewis fighting for the first corner."

Kenny, who was at the scene, said: "2 Uber/Bolt/Ola? Doing the first run to start the knowledge, Manor House to Gibson Square!

"These 2 didn't make it past the first set of traffic lights! Keep going fellas you will get there 1 day."

Kenny made reference to the world renowned Knowledge of London test, which is what all London black taxi drivers must complete before being granted a badge to work in the capital.

This particular collision just happened to take place at the start of the very first "run" which a cabbie must learn when starting the infamous course.


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