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"Local taxi driver" caught driving along TRAM TRACKS claiming passenger said it was a shortcut

Image credit : Pixabay / Twitter

A "local taxi driver", as described by Greater Manchester Police, has been reported for driving along tram tracks.

Greater Manchester Police took to Twitter to highlight the incident where they said the driver claimed his passenger told him to drive along the tracks because it was a "short cut". Needless to say, officers from the force did not see this as a reasonable excuse.

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police City Centre team, said: "GMP Transport Unit officers travelling through the city centre have issued a ticket for driving without due care and attention to a local taxi driver.

"Allegedly his passenger told him to drive down the tram tracks as a shortcut."

Officers have not confirmed whether the driver will also be reported to his licensing authority. If he is to be reported, he will likely be called before the licensing committee to explain his actions.

The committee may then consider whether he is still "fit-and-proper" to hold a licence.


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