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London minicab drivers slammed by police for driving down closed lane because "SAT-NAV SAID SO"

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Image credit: Twitter@_11ZERO3

A number of Transport for London (TfL) licensed private hire drivers have been criticised for using a lane which had been closed off due to a collision.

Officers closed a lane along the A13 in London, yet during the incident clean-up process, a number of private hire vehicles still used it and ended up being stopped by marked police vehicles which had blocked access to the slip road.

According to reports, the private hire drivers blamed their sat-navs for telling them to "go that way", despite clear signs telling them not to use that lane.

Roads Policing Officer, who uses the Twitter handle @_11ZERO3, highlighted the issue on his feed, saying: "Dealing with a collision on the slip onto the A13 at Beckton, meaning the lane has been closed.

"This is just one of several TfLTPH licensed minicabs that drove through the cones & signs because "my SatNav says go that way". THE PHV drivers will all be reported."


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